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Corporate Social Responsibility

 Building Sustainability




The BESIX Group has adopted a strategic and proactive approach to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The goal is to go beyond the legal requirements in the social (People), environmental (Planet) and economic (Growth) areas, and that on a voluntary basis. As a global player in some 16 countries, the Group must also take into account the specificities and the environmental requirements of each country while developing its CSR approach.


Our objective is to ensure the progress of the BESIX Group in terms of CSR to the same level of excellence we show in our operations.



CSR-network & Code of Conduct




Sustainable building







Sustainable purchasing 


QHSE as a top priority








 BESIX Foundation





 CSR Reports





In order to promote, consolidate and manage all the Group's initiatives over the subjects defined in the "2010-2011 CSR Report", the Group created its own CSR network in 2013. Led by the Strategic and Executive Committee, this network meets twice a year.

General Code of Conduct here


orking internally while away

The BESIX Group is also looking to build up active, long-term relationships with its employees, based on personal growth, individual development potential and mutual respect. We created the BESIX Young Community - an internal community gives the Group young professionals in 2009, the BESIX Potential Academy for mastering high potentials (with support of prestigious Business schools) in 2013. We make sure the staff reflects in a highly diverse mix of profiles in terms of age, background and nationality. More details on jobs.besix.com      


HSE as a top priority

As far as the environment is concerned, an ambitious plan is also being implemented to improve health and safety of our staff within the Group. The preservation of local communities in which we are active is also part of the plan. We make efforts to reduce our impact on environment and our carbon footprint and encourage the use of alternative energy. Health, Safety, Quality and Environment are definitively a priority for BESIX Group.


Sustainable building
The Group aims at increasing its technical expertise in sustainable construction. Doing so, our Engineering teams take into account the construction and long-term energy costs while meeting the clients' current and future requirements.   


Sustainable purchasing 

The BESIX Group wishes to make sustainable and responsible procurement one of the top priorities. Moreover, the Group developed a code of conduct for Sustainable and Responsible Purchasing and Subcontracting. With this Sustainable & Responsible Procurement Code of Conduct, the Group’s priority is to reinforce long-term partnerships and collaborations.

BESIX Foundation
BESIX Foundation, created in 2009,  supports charities by giving them financial support and by sponsoring them so they can achieve their goals. The foundation also encourages volunteer work among BESIX Group’s employees. Education, Construction and/or Environment are the themes of the supported projects. Discover all the initiatives of our Foundation.


Thinking of the future

In Belgium

As co-founders of the ‘Green Board’ of the ADEB/VBA (Association of Belgian Contractors of Large Structures) BESIX, Cobelba, Vanhout, Wust and Jacques Delens have, in cooperation with the other members and the FEBEM (Federation of Environmental Companies), developed a waste sorting system in which easily recognizable pictograms allow all operators in the waste management chain to clearly identify the various waste streams: separation, removal and processing. 

In the UAE 

Six Construct has joined the “Sustainability Network” coordinated by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2013. The Group affiliate has been awarded the CSR Label by the Chamber of Commerce of Dubai in 2013.

CSR report

The BESIX Group published its first CSR report 2010-2011 in 2012. A second report is available for 2012-2014.  



Any questions, please contact Frédéric de Schrevel, Secretary General – BESIX Group, or Muriel Sacré, Communication Officer – BESIX Group, via csr@besix.com