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As an experienced professional, you have already acquired good experience in the field of construction. However, you may be looking for something else, new challenges, which BESIX can surely provide. With our long experience in the national and international market, our specialized entities and the BESIX Academy, we are able to offer you the guarantee of dynamising, diversifying and enriching your professional career. We encourage our employees to expand their knowledge through our various types of construction sites,  we have no less than 6 different sectors: 


We can also offer those who wish to experience other activities, such as real estate or our Concessions & Assets activities. For more information on these two sectors, please consult their websites (see links in footer).

People First

Moreover, we are committed to developing a long-term relationship with our workers, safeguarding fair working conditions, promoting and protecting the well-being, health and safety of all. All of this is accompanied by a reward package which includes financial and non-financial benefits such as compensation and benefits. Next to our competitive wages, our benefits include for example group insurance, hospitalization insurance, flex reward plan, free medical checkup, flexible mobility plan, …

The Group envisions a place where its employees are fully engaged in their professional life and get true fulfilment from their jobs. We are looking to build up active relationships with our employees, based on personal growth and mutual respect. We organize an engagement survey every three years. This initiative gives the opportunity for our employees to communicate openly about their working environment. The results are used to identify strengths and points of attention and devise an action plan accordingly.

Our engagements

As an international company in the construction, real estate development and concessions sectors, our activities may involve social and environmental impacts, throughout the value chain. We have a responsibility to our clients and employees, and to the communities in which we operate. Therefore, we have defined a sustainability strategy, based on 4 engagements and 8 commitments.

Our teams continuously monitor site activities and consider how to find sustainable solutions in partnership with their clients, targeting the reduction of such impact further

For more information, read our CSR Report

Our people definitely make the difference in our company. Their motivation and engagement resonate through our projects and services. Human Resources at BESIX support people growing, taking ownership, learning in this challenging environment. Building a community of talented people who will lead the company into new decades of amazing innovative projects is our job.

Geert Aelbrecht 
Chief People Officer, BESIX Group