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Choose a career with room for growth, development and endless possibilities in a multinational company with a strong Belgian anchorage.

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Not a job but a lifelong career

We do not only offer a job but also a career within the Group. We aim at building active, long-term working relationships with our employees, based on personal development, growth and mutual respect.

Wherever you are and whatever project you work on, we provide you with the necessary tools and assistance to achieve your goals. Thanks to our large network, you can always rely on our different support teams whether administrative, technical or logistical.

Determine your own career path

BESIX Group offers a wide range of career opportunities whether at our headquarters in Brussels or with one of our subsidiaries, in Belgium, Europe and beyond.

Our employees are given plenty of opportunities within the Group, which spans four continents, and there are many incentives to move up the ranks or between projects.

Our people definitely make the difference in our company. Their motivation and engagement resonate through our projects and services. Human Resources at BESIX support people growing, taking ownership, learning in this challenging environment. Building a community of talented people who will lead the company into new decades of amazing innovative projects is our job.

Geert Aelbrecht 
Chief Human Resources Officer, BESIX Group