International assignments

A defined way of living

Choose an international career to broaden your horizon with endless possibilities to grow
within a multinational company with a strong Belgian anchorage.

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With a presence in more than 20 countries around the world and employing more than 50 different nationalities, we have made expatriation one of our major assets.

Thanks to our international profile and our internal mobility, you may, for instance,  start your career in our domestic market, and then be transferred for a defined period of time in another country within or outside Europe and, ultimately, choose to come back or stay abroad. 

We have a strong presence in many European countries and in the Middle East. We are also active in Australia, in Asia and in Africa.


An adventure and a way of living

A first or new international assignment demands a lot of determination and perseverance. By leaving behind your life “as you know it”, taking the next step and choosing for an expat life and career at BESIX, you will become a member of the BESIX global expat family. You will discover a different world as new career opportunities will present themselves on a regular basis.

Your international career will be an adventure. It will be the most challenging undertaking you’ve ever committed to. Ultimately, you will grow immensely as a person and have life-changing experiences. You will build a network of international contacts, meet different people and discover exciting cultures.

My dream was to build a stadium, to be able to watch the 2022 Football World Cup and think to myself, “I built that”! My dream has come true, and I have some unforgettable memories of my time abroad.

Mario Coniglio, Site Superintendent

“As an expatriate, one endures hardships but also experiences unforgettable moments of joy and accomplishment, all of which create a spirit of camaraderie, which makes for a unique bond.”

Peter Pynaert, Senior Project Engineer

We guide you from A to Z

In order to make the expatriation process a success for both employee and employer, our HR Business Partner Team takes care of you and your family. They will help you with your administrative documents and provide you with all the information you need. The HR Business Partner Team is at your service for the whole duration of your assignment in order to make your experience as an expatriate unforgettable.

The Human Resources team, in both Brussels and in Dubai, have been exceptionally kind and helpful throughout the process. The support and efficiency to get through the paperwork and get settled in the country has been very professional. They run a very tight ship and have been very patient with me

Erin O’Herlihy
 Contract Manager