What if YOU were the next BESIX rising star?

Break out of the classroom and discover the reality on the ground within the biggest Belgian construction company.
An internship at BESIX enable you to put what you have learned into practice and to extend your knowledge.
This is a great way to explore the career choices that lie ahead of you.

Internship on site Internship in Engineering Office Internship in MEP Internship in Plant & Equipment International internship Internship in Procurement and Purchasing Internship in Human Resources Internship in Finance & Accounting Internship in administration Internship in communication

BESIX is all year round looking for motivated interns who are passionate about complex projects. Are you studying construction/engineering and do you want to discover how our sites or our engineering office are organised? It is possible! Are you studying HR, finance, procurement, equipment or other and do you want to discover the building sector? It is also possible! We offer all kinds of internships, whether in Belgium or abroad, as well as in our offices or on our construction sites. It's up to you to choose the opportunity that interests you!


But how does it work to apply for an internship at BESIX? 🤔 Very easy! 1. Apply for one of our internship offers above (upload your resume and cover letter). Our recruitment team will pre-screen your application. Since demand for internships is very high, we cannot accept everyone. 2. If you are pre-selected, we will contact you to organize an interview. 3. If your internship is confirmed at BESIX, congratulations and welcome! We will take care of all the administrative organization related to your internship.

As a BESIX trainee, you can count on qualitive coaching and training. Based on a win-win situation, the objective is twofold: you will rapidly become part of the team and start contributing to many projects. You will implement the theoretical concepts you have learned but above all you will acquire new knowledge. All in a dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial company. BESIX invests in young talent and this internship might be the start of an exciting career at BESIX. So apply now, good your luck!



Maxence – Engineering office


During my Master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering, I had the opportunity to join BESIX for an 11-weeks internship. Curious to see how a big international company like BESIX was handling one of the biggest challenges of recent years, I decided to apply for the Sustainability Engineering department.

The team that welcomed me was made up of 5 engineers. They were all very kind and helped me when I had questions. I had the opportunity to participate in team meetings and it was a great opportunity to see how a professional team works together. I worked on the 3D2B Green research project which consists in developing new concrete mixes for 3D printing. It was a very interesting and challenging project as it is a fairly new technology and not much information is available in the literature. My mentor advised me and gave me tasks that I had to accomplish. I was also given a lot of freedom to achieve my goals of the internship, which was something really important to me.

I learned a lot during this internship. Doing an internship at BESIX allowed me to see many different aspects of engineering in a short period. [...] All the colleagues I met had something to teach me, especially about the operations of a construction company, something you don't learn at university. This internship was a great opportunity to discover the professional world of construction and he assured me that I wanted to be part of it!


Pieter – Site Belgium


During the last year of my studies in industrial sciences in civil engineering, I had the chance to do a 5-week internship at BESIX on an infrastructure dock site. The Diepenbeek site, which is part of the Spartacus project, a huge level crossing project in Belgium, includes 4 separate sites: 3 bridges, a tunnel and a cycle path.

From the start, this internship at BESIX gave me the opportunity to be exposed to the different facets of a site manager: planning, organization, leadership, corrections... and to be able to find efficient and rapid solutions. […] As my integration into the team progressed, I was given a lot of responsibilities. Thus, I was able to take on some of the management tasks of the construction site, always with a more experienced member of the team who supported me remotely. I really felt the challenge of getting things done, I felt like a full member of the team and I was able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice.

The best way to sum up my internship is: instructive, challenging, intense and an unforgettable experience. I recommend an internship at BESIX to anyone looking for an exceptional practical experience. The company offers the opportunity to participate in challenging and rich projects. The team makes you feel welcome from the first contact and is able to convey its enthusiasm thus ensuring a sense of community leading to success.


Nathan – Purchasing

As part of my studies in international trade, I had the opportunity to do my end-of-studies internship in the Purchasing function of the Procurement department for 4 months.

My main task was the purchase of spare parts and equipment necessary for the smooth running of international projects while collaborating with local actors. In carrying out my missions, I was able to benefit from enriching support from the entire team, who gave me the benefit of their expertise. Thanks to the autonomy and confidence granted to me, I was able to carry out tasks that created value for the function while strengthening my knowledge in the field.

I definitely recommend this internship to motivated students who want a challenge and gain experience in a stimulating environment.


Laura – Human Resources


As part of my third year of Bachelor’s degree in Management Assistant, I had the opportunity to do a 15-week end-of-studies internship in the BESIX recruitment team.

During these few months of internship, I was able to work on several aspects of recruitment. I was in charge of all incoming internship requests at BESIX (all types of profiles) as well as the daily follow-up of the interns. Having to organize interviews in 3 languages (French, Dutch, English) was a very rewarding experience for me. During my internship, I also contributed with the rest of the team to the organization of the BESIX Young Professional Days, recruitment days for young engineering graduates. This intense period has been very rewarding. Thanks to the confidence of my colleagues, I was able to work independently and I could always count on them when needed.

I have always been attracted to human resources and I am delighted to have completed my internship in this department at BESIX.


Sami – Site Belgium and international


Between the first and second year of my Master's degree in civil engineering, I had the opportunity to join BESIX as an intern for 4 months on two different sites.

During the first two months, I joined the team of site superintendents on the Paradis Express project, a building project of an eco-district in the heart of the city of Liège. My internship supervisors taught me a lot about the overall management of a construction site. Then I had the pleasure of working on the site of the Mohammed VI Tower in Rabat, Morocco. This tower, which will be one of the tallest on the African continent with its 250m high, aims to be one of the country's landmarks. To be part of such an emblematic project is a real pride and honor for me. On this site, I joined the technical office and more precisely the civil team mainly focused on the metallic structure part.

Working for several months on two BESIX large-scale projects is certainly the best way to be directly confronted with a multitude of different aspects of the construction industry. The teams I was lucky to be part of were very welcoming and allowed me to take on very exciting assignments and responsibilities (subcontractors management, inspection, purchasing, finance, etc.). In short, I highly recommend this experience, and I hope it will motivate others to pursue a career in this field as much as it did for me.


Olivier – Site Belgium


During my Master's degree in civil engineering I decided to apply for a 7-week internship at BESIX. I wanted to get work experience in the construction industry and see what it looked like to work for a contractor. […]

The project in which I participated was the construction of a new metro station "Toots Thielemans" in Brussels, located near the south station. The project is the first phase of the construction of the new line 3 of the metro, which connects Evere to Sint-Gillis and passes through the center of Brussels. […] I worked as a Technical Office Engineer. I performed all sorts of tasks related to the technical aspects on the site. For instance, I took part in drafting procedures, developing a diversion for pedestrians or even analyzing prices. It gave me a good idea of what the work of a future site engineer entails. In addition, I discovered what were the tasks of the other workers on the site (suppliers, manpower, subcontractors, etc.) and I ensured the follow-up of some of them. This allowed me to have an global overview of the execution of a project.

For me, this experience was very positive. The working atmosphere was pleasant and I got a certain freedom to discover what interested me. Also, everyone was very helpful and approachable. Therefore, I learned a lot. It was worth it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.