Our tools & resources

Performance & Career Management Process

Through our performance & career management process, called People Coaching, we aim to drive continuous coaching, goal setting and skills growth among our workforce. By maximizing our employee potential, we not only enable our people to become better at what they do, but we also strengthen our competitive advantage. It’s a win-win strategy for company and employee success. People Coaching generates more interaction between employees and their managers, while facilitating continuous coaching throughout the year.

BESIX Competency Banding

BESIX Competency Banding is our “in-house” job grading system. We use it to identify the skills we need at BESIX and spotlight the expertise shown by employees in accomplishing goals and reaching targets. Competency Banding encourages employees to develop their skills and knowledge, so they can grow within their position or advance to other positions. By fostering our common culture at BESIX Group, the system ensures transparency and promotes clear and direct communication with all employees.

Career Mobility

We seek out synergies between our regional companies, both within the domestic market and on the international stage. We have implemented a transparent process for posting internal jobs, so we can offer new opportunities to employees looking for a lateral or vertical change, a new direction in their career, a new experience within the Group or the chance to fill a newly created position within an existing or new department. Transfers also allow employees to discover different countries and cultures, see new parts of the world, meet new people and work with new colleagues.

I was just in the right place, at the right time. I recommend anyone who has the same idea to clearly communicate it. A door always opens at BESIX.


The Human Resources department at BESIX suggested that I go to EJD on a temporary contract for one year to be sure it was a good fit. That was a really good idea, as it’s reassuring to know you can change your mind if there’s a problem.