CO2 Performance Ladder

Climate change is one of the main challenges for the construction industry and BESIX Group recognizes its utmost urgency. In this context, BESIX Group has distinguished itself for years by an innovative and sustainable approach to its activities.

This approach has been specifically demonstrated by BESIX since 2011 through a Level 5 Certification, the highest level according to the COPerformance Ladder, for her activities in The Netherlands.

In line with the BESIX Business Unit Europe's Energy & Carbon Policy, BESIX extended mid-2022 the scope of this Dutch certification to all activities of its Business Unit Europe, covering Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy and The Netherlands.

The following Belgian subsidiaries, as part of the Organizational Boundary, have joined this certification: BESIX Environment, BESIX Infra, BESIX Infra Support, BESIX Unitec, and its subsidiaries, BESIX Unitec Nederland and BESIX Connect, Franki Foundations and its subsidiaries Franki Grondtechnieken BV in The Netherlands and Atlas Fondations in France.



“Our main ambition is to achieve neutrality for our own direct (scope 1) and indirect (scope 2) emissions by no later than 2050. In order to take into account business growth, we have chosen to relate our ambitions to turnover. An intermediate milestone has been set for end 2030. By then BESIX in Europe & the concerned regional entities want to reduce their consolidated own carbon emissions (per million euro turnover) with 40% compared to the baseline year 2019.

In order to achieve this ambition, specific reduction targets have been defined separately for each involved companies, taking into account their local context. At the same time, by becoming a member of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action our group has demonstrated its commitment to define SBTi reduction targets.

Besides reducing our own emissions, we are also actively working with our supply chain on reducing the climate impact of the building materials with the greatest potential in this area being cement, ready-mixed concrete and steel. Our reduction ambitions for concrete are in line with the Betonakkoord Nederland and Circulair Betonakkoord Vlaanderen signed by BESIX and for steel with the Bouwakkoord Staal.”

Jan Van Steirteghem
General Manager Business Unit Europe


A Carbon and Energy reduction program has been developed to realise this ambition. The latest version of this carbon and energy reduction program can be found at the following link.

For each CO2-awarded project, specific scope 1, 2 & 3 reduction objectives and measures will be determined at the start of the project and followed up during the project with the aid of a CO2 project plan.

More information can be found in Dutch on the website of the CO2 project plan.