BESIX has the ambition to play a leading and innovative role with regard to reducing the environmental impact of the construction sector. Within BESIX Group, BESIX and its affiliates and subsidiaries are committed to a number of reduction programmes and initiatives. Some examples are listed below.

CO2 Project Plan in The Netherlands

The CO2 Project Plan is used in The Netherlands to carry out an analysis of the CO2 footprint of a project. Based on this analysis, measures are taken to reduce CO2 emissions, for example by saving energy or materials, using sustainable energy and optimising the use of materials. Good practices and lessons learned are shared and form a basis for dialogue on sustainability. By sharing experiences and drawing inspiration from each other, the participants strive for a joint reduction of CO2 through the implementation of the CO2 Project Plan.

For more info, consult the website of the CO2 Project Plan in Dutch.

Promotion of CO2 Performance Scale in Belgium

Through the Association of Belgian Contractors, a working group has been set up in Belgium with, among others, the federal and regional authorities, to promote a CO2 performance scale in the Belgian construction industry. BESIX is a member of the working group’s steering committee.

For more info, consult the CO2 Performance Scale website in Dutch or in French.

The Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

BESIX Group is a signatory of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action, launched by the non-governmental organisations The Shift and WWF Belgium in October 2020. The signatory members of the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action are thereby aligning their activities with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, i.e. to limit the rise in global temperature to a maximum of 1.5 °C.

For more info, consult the website of the BACA.