Open Innovation

Unleashing the innovative potential of our employees and our partners

At BESIX we learn from the past, take on a pioneering role in the present and at the same time lay the foundations of our future organization. The BESIX Group will remain competitive only by excelling in creating sustainable solutions for a better world. We aim to be a leader in open innovation. To that end, BESIX launched its open innovation programme Unleash in 2016 and its Start-Ups Accelerator in 2018.

Open innovation at BESIX

The circumstances in which we operate are changing faster than ever. And with it: our industry. Globalisation, ecological consciousness, new technologies and new business models are some of the main drivers of this transformation. To keep up with the pace of expectations of our markets and customers, BESIX Group launched its open innovation programme Unleash in 2016. We continuously look for new ways to develop our creative and innovative spirit. We encourage our employees to share their ideas and put them into practice. With our Start-Ups Accelerator we attract the best start-ups in the ConTech and PropTech ecosystem to help them speed up their growth.

Being a leader in open innovation is one of the strategic drivers of our Group. We constantly seek innovative ways to enhance our performance.

Patrik Peynsaert
BESIX Group Innovation Coordinator

Swift process from idea to implementation

All BESIX Group employees have the opportunity to submit their ideas on the Unleash platform. After review they go into a development phase where the inventor teams refine and improve upon their ideas and realize a minimal loveable product which could eventually lead to final implementation. Below is an overview of the innovative ideas that are currently under development.

BEsim is a one-stop-shop for site installations that brings sustainable site cabins and green energy production to the construction site

BESIX 3D printing lab explores the possibilities of 3D Concrete printing on construction projects.

BESIX Clean Air develops moss panels to improve air quality by filtering fine particles

ComTIS Energy offers Comfort as a Service for residential buildings

DeliverApp offers an easy-to-use solution to digitise delivery notes on construction sites

Drone Engineering - We have our one stop shop to prepare, fly and post-process your data.

Enleash unlocks the energy potential of smart buildings.

BESIX 3D material research: Sustainable concrete mixtures for the 3D printing of breakwater units (together with UGent, Resourcefull, Witteveen+Bos)

AICHA explores the use of on-site cameras to enable efficiency and safety on the construction site through artificial intelligence (with ADEB/VBA)

SLIMwayS is a traffic control solution based on GPS floating car data and Be-Mobile’s Connected Car & Traffic Platform

Accelerating Start-Ups to speed up their growth

In 2018 we launched our BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator to support young companies that develop innovative solutions. The role of the BESIX accelerator is to amplify the growth of these start-ups and scale-ups by providing them with tailor-made support and possibilities to experiment.

Read more about the BESIX Start-Ups Accelerator on its dedicated page.

Participate in BESIX Group’s Open Innovation Initiatives

Our Unleash programme is not an isolated initiative. Today's innovations cannot exist if not connected to similar initiatives that strengthen cooperation and grow awareness. BESIX Group is working with its partners to complement one another, to create synergies, and approach innovation as true co-creation. Some examples of our innovation approach include: the Belgian Construction Hackathon, which BESIX Group is co-organising since 2018 together with the BBRI and the Confederation of Construction, and the many European research projects BESIX Group is participating in.

Innovation bootcamp brings together the inventor teams of BESIX

Open innovation hackathon that BESIX co-organises with the Confederation of Construction and the BBRI

BESIX Group Innovation Fair showed more than 400 visitors all innovation within BESIX