Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Striving to zero incidents or towards achieving quality excellence is more than ‘a journey’. In our continuous efforts to make ‘attention to quality, health & safety and environmental impact’ permanent company values, we better call it an ‘adventure’. The road to improving a QHSE culture can’t be mapped out or programmed…

Our goals

First time right

to guarantee delivering a project with the right quality while respecting agreed timings. This means we put strong focus on preparation, planning, quality assurance and quality control throughout all phases of a project.

Excellent safety

which means never being at at-risk, will first of all prevent our workers from getting injured during the execution of their job.

Minimizing the impact of our operations to the environment

in order to maximize sustainability, which requires BESIX to put in place an environmental management programme that focusses on aspects like energy consumption, waste, hazardous products, soil, etcetera…

Our integrated management system

The organization as a whole and every individual employee in particular plays an important role in guaranteeing this incident free working environment and preventing any adverse impact of your activities on the environment whilst ensuring the level of quality expected by our Clients.

BESIX’ commitment related to Quality, Health & Safety and Environment is set out in the corporate QHSE policy statement which, together with our policies on good governance, form the basis for our Integrated Management system (IMs).

Related to QHSE, this system is a combination of processes and procedures that describe how BESIX implements QHSE in its daily operation, and a number of objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of our QHSE performance.

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The Integrated Management system is certified since several years according to the following standards:

In striving for continual improvement, BESIX carries out an in-depth internal and external audit programme according to which all business processes, both on site and in our offices, are audited on a frequent basis.

Care is at our core

Mutual trust, care and respect are the foundations on which we build a healthy and safe workplace. We believe that people are the solution and that excellence is achieved through unity and cocreation.

We are committed to drive our Group towards a world class culture of safety where care is at our core and personal ownership for safety is promoted, supported and enhanced. Our 4 fundamental safety principles set out how we behave every day towards health & safety to reach our goal. We will follow and apply but also measure the application of these principles to reach zero harm, pain and suffering.

Life Saving Rules

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Management Safety Walks

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Subcontractors Engagement

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