Corporate Policy

Our commitment

Quality management

BESIX Group ensures that its Client’s needs are assessed and that every Employee understands these and is motivated to meet them. Our Employees are actively encouraged to look for feedback from both external and internal Clients regarding our services and so strive for continuous improvement.

Protecting the Environment

Our activities must also be undertaken with respect for the environment. Based on an environmental impact assessment, measures will be taken to use energy and natural raw resources sparingly, to minimise pollution, to limit the use of hazardous substances and waste generation and to investigate alternatives. Initiatives are taken to re-use and recycle materials and to introduce and apply best practices wherever practicable.

Safeguarding our workers

Any incident, accident or occupational illness is unacceptable. Being active in a high risk sector such as construction is for BESIX Group an incentive to ensure Employee’s integrity by managing and mitigating risks in a proactive manner, learning from mishaps an applying best practices in our operation. We expect of all our Employees a demonstration of leadership and teamwork with regard to health and safety.

Meeting standards

BESIX Group constantly develops, implements and maintains a documented Integrated Management system that aims to meet the various norms and standards (ISO9001 – ISO14001 – OHSAS18001 etc.) and will ensure to analyse the impact of strategic decisions on this system in terms of risk management and compliance management.

Our approach

In order to reach our objectives and continuously improve its QHSE performance, BESIX Group entities will:

  • demonstrate leadership on a day to day basis;
  • stimulate a proactive company culture;
  • promote a clear and open communication with our external and internal Stakeholders by making clear agreements;
  • put QHSE as a fixed item on the agenda during meetings at Company and project level;
  • assess the impact of QHSE related aspects at the start of each project with the setting of clear objectives and targets to control and reduce this impact and mitigate all risks;
  • report all unwanted events/situations in a transparent and swift manner;
  • permanently support our operations by a qualified and competent QHSE Department.

In order to put this policy into practice, the Management of each entity is required to lead by example and to set realistic but ambitious QHSE objectives and must strive to achieve them. They will take the necessary measures and encourage their colleagues to constantly improve their performance in these areas.

We are convinced that meeting our QHSE objectives can only be achieved with the deployment of competent and qualified personnel. Therefore BESIX Group will make the required resources available and offer a permanent soft and technical skills development program with special attention to QHSE related training.

How we communicate

This QHSE policy is communicated throughout the organization by means of an induction process at entity and/or project level for all Personnel involved in our operations. 

The policy is permanently displayed at all project sites and available to our Stakeholders and the public on

It will be reviewed periodically by the BESIX Group Management to ensure it is in line with our objectives and strategic priorities.

Our performance

By permanently monitoring and adjusting key performance indicators we guarantee to maintain our ambitions and continuously improve our results.

This monitoring process consists of:

  • the execution of internal QHSE inspections and walkabouts executed from Management to Employee level and analysis and follow-up of eventual findings;
  • the execution of internal QHSE audits and inspections by the QHSE department and analysis and follow-up of eventual findings;
  • evaluation of the QHSE performance of our Suppliers and Subcontractors;
  • the evaluation of Client satisfaction levels;
  • analysis of incidents, nonconformities and/or complaints and determination and follow-up of corrective and preventive actions;
  • annual Management review.

The Management of each entity is informed on a monthly basis about the status in order to have the opportunity to intervene adequately when and where necessary.