Diversity & facility

Around the world and at every construction site, BESIX Group works to include people of every sex, race, religion, rank, social background and education level in its operations. For that reason, we undertake several actions to provide a safe, fair and equitable workplace, opportunities for personal and professional growth and recognition for employee achievements.

Everyone deserves respect, regardless of race, location, belief, social status or physical attributes. As a global group, BESIX always strives to provide an ideal workplace to its employees, which works as long as we maintain the respect we have continuously shown to one another. Fortunately, respect is one of the core values of our Group.


HR & Office Manager, BESIX Manila

We’re committed to fostering a workplace where everyone is valued and respected, where employees of all origins and cultures are integrated and where professional gender equality is ensured.

Our Competency Banding system is neutral and guarantees equality between women and men within the Group, by describing all functions in a way that leaves them open to people of either gender. In addition, we ensure equal pay between men and women for the same position.

Through our Kiddy Build project, we work with schools to take action on diversity at the roots, by showing boys and girls of all backgrounds that engineering careers are exciting, fun and full of opportunity.

All employees – including high-potentials, juniors and seniors, women and men, those in Belgium and abroad – are given the chance to take a business seminar at prestigious business schools like Vlerick Business School and Solvay Brussels School. In addition, we encourage and train our employees who have no or few qualifications. Most of our sites have hired many workers requiring special training, especially in health and safety.

We believe our people do their best work when they can be equally successful as parents and when they can balance the demands of work with other aspects of their lives. We want our employees to have the same equality in their work-life balance and career development, regardless of their gender or family status. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling to respond to changes in demand, adapt to new technologies and stay in a position to innovate at every turn.

In 2013, we launched a Group-wide campaign focusing on respect. Its goal is to highlight the importance of work, contribute to respectful cooperation in the workplace and maintain a positive spirit throughout the company. The campaign is supported within the Group by a network of Confidence Officers who act either as facilitators or discreet mediators. They play an intermediary role aimed at safeguarding and improving the well-being of our employees, while giving them the tools and confidence they need to overcome professional challenges, grow as individuals and achieve their personal ambitions.

Because a satisfied and committed workforce is crucial for our company’s success, we launched a Group-wide engagement survey in 2012 to gauge the satisfaction and commitment of our employees. In 2015, BESIX Management took this initiative even further by including manual labour in the survey. Since transparency is our top priority, we protected the confidentiality of respondents at every turn and hired an external company to analyze the survey results. Feedback and an engagement plan was presented to the members of the executive committee, managers and team members.