A-STAY launches innovative vision on hospitality

25 November 2019

With more European locations to follow in the next 2 years, A-STAY Antwerp is already giving us a taste of what hospitality will (or should) look like in the future. Designed to sustain the very specific lifestyle of a generation that is constantly on the move, either for business or pleasure, the doors of the first location in the Pelikaanstraat, next to the Central Station, welcomed its first guests on November 15th.

What makes A-STAY stand out is its far-reaching usage of technology. Guests will basically be able to put together their own stay from beginning to end. Whatever they need (Gym, food on the go, meeting room, laundry facilities, etc. The list of options is remarkably extensive), they’ve got it- at a very affordable price. This modular approach to pricing also has the advantage that guests will know exactly what they’re paying for.

A-STAY is also the first to make use of biometrics. In return for a scan of the palm of their hand, guests will receive access to all kind of services and experiences. The palm scan is the safest and most accurate identification technology known today.

A-STAY is about connection, the real-life kind as well. By working together with locals who love nothing more than to promote their city’s va-va-voom, guests will immediately get a taste of what makes a town tick. So expect your senses to be tickled as you scroll through the experience of a lifetime and design your own stay. A-STAY’s catchy tagline, ‘Unfold the City’, already sounds promising, just like their environmental efforts which BREAAM, the world's leading method, considers to be 'very good'. From chair upholstery made from recycled plastic bottles to cleaning materials with an eco-label: A-STAY and sustainability go hand in hand. Judging by the owners’ ambitious plans to establish themselves in 20 new European destinations before the end of 2022, we are in for a dance we cannot afford to sit out.

Interested? Book your room here: https://www.a-stay.com/

About A-STAY

A-STAY is the hospitality brand in the BESIX STAY holding. BESIX STAY is a joint-venture between BESIX Group and Ben van Loo, the co-founder of XIOR. A-STAY has the ambition to build 7000 rooms over the next 5 years. After A-STAY Antwerp, A-STAY Chisinau is the second destination within this ambitious journey, opening with 174 studios beginning of 2021. The 3rd opening will be A-STAY Brussels, spring 2021. Each A-STAY features all the A-STAY facilities: a buzzing central social space, a garden, a 24/7 selection of fresh local treats, a guest laundry, a gym, a meeting room with a kitchen & working space.