BESIX 3D prints largest concrete façade in the world

15 October 2020

The largest 3D printed concrete façade in the world has been completed at the new Dubai headquarters of BESIX. The realisation of the project was possible thanks to BESIX 3D, an innovative division within BESIX Group that specializes in 3D concrete printing.

The 3D concrete façade-project is BESIX 3D’s third pioneering project of 2020. Their main aim is to bring concrete to a new dimension. To achieve this, BESIX 3D invested in the development of its own in-house production facility for 3D Concrete Printing in July 2018. It is in this adjacent laboratory that the 290 façade panels were 3D printed in concrete. The printing of each panel took about 10 minutes on average.

For more information about BESIX 3D visit their website here and LinkedIn page here.

Watch the video here to see the 3D concrete printer in action as well as the remarkable details of the concrete façade: