BESIX builds new head office for De Persgroep at the Kievitplein

7 February 2018

Recently, BESIX won the contract to build the new head office of De Persgroep. De Persgroep is a multimedia company which operates in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. The design of the future head office is by architects Crepain Binst.

The contract involves building a 46 m high building with a net floor area of 22,680 m² in just 19 months. The base of the building will house various catering outlets and multimedia stores, while the roof includes a belvedere offering a 360° view over Antwerp. The construction period began at contract signing date, with delivery scheduled for mid-2019. The project represents an investment of approximately € 30 million.

"We are very proud that De Persgroep, an internationally renowned media company, has chosen us to build their new headquarters. As we have a tight deadline, it will be a real challenge to complete all the work in just 19 months. But this is the kind of project that we like, as we always insist on good preparation for a quick start", says Karel Vermeersch, Deputy General Manager at BESIX. “We are also delighted that, with this large-scale new building next to the Central Station, we can contribute to giving new life to the Kievitplein", adds Commercial Director Gunter Egghe.

BESIX started work immediately in December, once the remaining houses had been demolished, by placing the soil retaining walls and with drainage and excavation work. The first concrete will be poured in the second half of February.

Excelling in creating sustainable solutions for a better world

BESIX constantly invests in quality, at both the human and the equipment level.

"That is why the government, industry and project developers regularly rely on us to carry out their projects", adds Rik Vandenberghe, CEO of BESIX Group. "This project on the Kievitplein next to the Central Station confirms our position as an important player in Belgium, particularly in the field of constantly evolving urban development. For this project, as for all of our urban projects, we are committed to ensuring the sustainable character of urban renewal in accordance with our vision."


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