BESIX Connect

4 January 2021

Since 1 January 2021, BESIX Connect is the new subsidiary of Van den Berg.

Based in Zele, East Flanders, BESIX Connect specialises in cable works, laying utility line, infrastructure works and controlled drilling.

The creation of BESIX Connect follows the merger of Larabo and Uniconnect, two companies acquired by Van den Berg in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

As a result of the merger, BESIX Connect counts 179 employees, 20 of whom are white-collar employees and 159 blue-collar workers.

Annick Martin, Managing Director of Van den Berg: “The fact that the two companies are merging into one is a logical step. They are both based in Zele, carry out complementary work and are managed by the same family”.

The daily management of BESIX Connect is entrusted to Chris Raemdonck. He is assisted by Andrew Raemdonck, his nephew, who is also the son of the former owners of Larabo.

Chris Raemdonck: “BESIX Connect allows us to strengthen our market position and compete for larger projects. We are now able to appeal to new market segments and increase our visibility”.
Andrew Raemdonck: “The culture within Larabo and UniConnect was similar and our staff know each other very well. That contributes easily to a great atmosphere within BESIX Connect”.