BESIX Group, a place where everyone belongs

14 July 2022

In our company, we are naturally comfortable with diversity as we are no less than 80 nationalities, working in 25 different countries across 4 continents. BESIX Group is defined by, and our success is achieved through, our openness towards other countries’ cultures and values. It is important for us to work in countries that also display mutual respect to our own values. We are ambassadors of constructive cooperation, and we adopt a truly inclusive way of thinking to achieve success.

As global citizens, we promote diversity in all its forms: cultural, social, religious, sexual orientation, gender and different political views or governmental systems. Our aim is to add value to the countries we work in by means of our projects and expertise. We position ourselves as fully open, receptive and respectful towards others’ values.

Diversity is in our DNA. We offer equal opportunity to everyone and take a humble and respectful approach when collaborating with people from other cultures. This openness to diversity extends to the public sphere as we actively engage in public debate to stand up for our ideas and vision, as well as those of our partners.

We believe we must live diversity to understand it. Working with diverse teams offers us the opportunity to learn beyond the purely technical aspect of one’s job. It broadens our view, helps us look at situations from different perspectives and inspires us to mutually understand each other.

A truly inclusive way of thinking can only be reached when we work towards it, together. That is why we chose to publish this book, in which we are happy to present more than 100 team members who are united in their passion and pride, all from their very own perspective and identity which makes them truly unique.

This book offers insight into how they experience diversity and inclusion and what this means to them. These team members want to inspire you with positivity, optimism, and a constructive attitude. While they all tell their own stories and share a personal vision, they all have the same thing in common - the respect they show towards others and the pride they display about their own identity.

This book emphasise equal opportunities, particularly in terms of career development and internal mobility. It shows how our differences make us unique, and stronger. Above all, it is a joyful symbol that at BESIX, we don’t always build walls – we also build bridges. Between us. To go beyond origins, gender or professional status” adds Geert Aelbrecht, Chief People Officer at BESIX Group.

We believe we are better, together.