BESIX Job Fairs 2020

10 February 2020

Join us at the BESIX Job Fairs!

Below you can find the overview of the job fairs we will be attending this academic year. You have the opportunity to meet us in an informal way and to learn about our BESIX Young Professional Days! Our engineers and people representatives will be present, you will have a chance to get to gain insight about how it is to work at BESIX and to get to know your potential new team members.

We will keep the list below updated if any additional events are added.

  • 15-Jan VDAB Antwerp - Jobdate BIM Moddelers
  • 18-Feb VUB Alumni - Engineers at the movies
  • 18-Feb VTK Leuven - Sector Night Construction
  • 19-Feb Thomas More Geel – JOB FAIR
  • 19-Feb VUB – JOB FAIR
  • 20-Feb UMons - Journée des Entreprises– JOB FAIR
  • 20-Feb Odisee Hogeschool - JOB DAY
  • 20-Feb Hermes – Job/Stage Event – JOB FAIR
  • 25-Feb VTK Gent – JOB DAY
  • 27-Feb Ekonomika Leuven – JOB FAIR
  • 04-Mar UA - Engineers of Tomorrow – JOB FAIR
  • 03-Mar UCL - Journée de l'Industrie
  • 04-Mar ULB – JOB FAIR
  • 05-Mar Nacht van de Ingenieur – JOB FAIR
  • 10-Mar De Nayer – JOB FAIR
  • 11-Mar VTK Leuven – JOB FAIR
  • 12-Mar Forum Entreprises – JOB FAIR
  • 13-Mar KUL JOB DAY/Odisee (Technologiecampus Gent) – JOB FAIR
  • 13-Mar HelHa – JOB FAIR
  • 18-Mar ECAM - Journées des Entreprises – JOB FAIR
  • 23-Mar KUL Campus Brugge – JOB FAIR
  • 25-Mar HELMo Gramme Liège – JOB FAIR