Connect to Build

12 July 2018

This year BESIX Group will sponsor the 3th edition of 'Connect To Build'. The event will take place on Saturday 13 October 2018 in Vilvoorde at the building of LivingTomorrow.

Connect to Build is a unique networking event for experienced engineers and professionals in the construction industry. The event is a perfect mix of information exchange, fun and action. 

Ingenious networking for construction professionals.

Program: This year we want to discuss the topic "Cities of Tomorrow".

  • How will cities look like in the future?
  • What impact does new technology have on the way we build cities?
  • What will the future bring? How do we keep cities liveable?
  • What are the new techniques, conditions and insights that are coming?


The event will take place from 9AM until 6PM. We have invited the following guest speakers:

  • Mr. Peter Vanden Abeele, Lead architect of the city of Ghent
  • Dr. Peter Bertels, Senior Manager Creativity & Digital Enabling at BESIX
  • Mr. Bart Gentens, member of the technical committee 'SMART & Sustainable buildings' at WTCB-CSTC-BBRI
  • Key-note speaker: Joachim De Vos, CEO of Living Tomorrow & TomorrowLab

Between the presentations as well as at lunchtime, the participants have the opportunity to have a conversation with the present representatives of BESIX Group and to fire their questions.

The participants will be invited to drive with our self-driving Tesla's, we provide a VR experience to discover the virtual reality with the help of special VR glasses and finally the participants get a tour through the LivingTomorrow building, they will take a step in the future and see how Belgium will look like in 2050.


Every engineer and construction professional that is ready to be inspired, is welcome to join us for this event!
If you would like more information about this event, please contact the Connect to Build team or send an email to

Best regards,
The Connect to Build Team

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