Open Wervendag 2022

6 May 2022

On Sunday 15 May, countless building sites across the country will be opening their doors (or site gates) to the general public. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., visitors can find out about this year's construction trends and discover the expertise that is present in the Belgian construction sector. BESIX, of course, cannot be missing from this construction event par excellence! This year visitors can look behind the scenes of 3 construction sites on which BESIX is working:

Zaventem - Complexe de trafic Hector Henneaulaan: 📍 H. Henneaulaan thv R0

BESIX and BESIX Infra are building a brand new bridge along the Avenue Hector Henneau on the Brussels Ring Road (R0). The work is being carried out on behalf of the Werkvennootschap. The new bridge will be twice as wide and is firmly committed to ensuring the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, as well as improving the flow of public transport and cars. A separate ecological crossing will allow local wildlife to cross safely.

Bruxelles - RTBF Media Square: 📍 Rue Colonel Bourg 102, 1030 Schaerbeek

In Schaarbeek, BESIX and Valens are building the RTBF Media Square (65,000 m²) which includes a six-storey main building (R+6) and a logistics building (R+1). It will include 250 m² of solar panels, green roofs and green spaces in its inner courtyard. It will also meet particularly demanding EPB criteria and acoustic standards. This building will house media studios (radio, television, internet, streaming, etc.), meeting rooms, the restaurant, and the newsroom, which will be overlooked by a large glass roof.

Liège - Paradis Express: 📍 rue du Paradis , 4000 Liège

Construction of 4 buildings comprising 115 flats, shops, a catering space and a crèche on the site of the Paradis Express eco-district in Liege. This complex, located just in front of the beautiful Guillemins train station, at the foot of the finance tower, is situated in a rapidly expanding district and will integrate public and green spaces. The structure is composed of metal structures, concrete slabs, silico-limestone masonry and reinforced concrete walls.

If you come by on 15 May, you can do more than just explore the construction site. Take your time and have a chat with one of our colleagues over a snack and a drink. Discover who BESIX is and what we are building elsewhere. In short, BESIX Open Site Day means an instructive and enjoyable day out for you and your family!