Parametric design: how BESIX Engineering automates the design process of construction projects

18 May 2021

Parametric design is a full-fledged service of BESIX Engineering, BESIX Group’s in-house design office. In the video below, BESIX Engineering experts explain how they use this technology to drastically improve the design of construction projects.

Fabian Boucher, Director of BESIX Engineering: "BESIX Engineering enthusiastically embraces cutting-edge technologies that improve the quality of our work. Parametric design, in which we are pioneers, is an excellent example of a technology that allows our engineers to improve the design of projects in an unprecedented way, which therefore directly benefits BESIX clients."

Parametric design consists of automating the design process of construction projects through state-of-the-art computer programming. This has a considerable impact on the quality of the design, reducing the risk of errors, allowing more alternative designs to be tested or addressing projects with the most complex geometry.

About BESIX Engineering

It is to a large extent the contribution of BESIX Engineering that enables the group to deliver first-class port terminals, cutting-edge civil engineering works and demanding buildings throughout the world.

The integration of a design office within a construction group, although rare, is a key asset for clients. it enables BESIX to offer tailor-made solutions and optimise projects, while guaranteeing maximum reactivity.

BESIX Engineering's services rely on 150 engineers in Brussels, Dubai and Brisbane, who are world references in their respective fields of expertise: geotechnics, structures, methods and planning, BIM, parametric design, sustainability, concrete technology and façade engineering.