LNG Canada

A marine terminal in Kitimat, western Canada

The marine terminal is part of a Berth Marine Structure contract awarded in 2019 to BESIX and Vancouver Pile Driving, by JGC Fluor Joint Venture (JFJV), the project’s Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contractor. Works included the construction of a 500-metre-long wharf, the LNG loading platform, four cargo berthing dolphins, four LNG berthing dolphins, and six mooring dolphins, including one offshore, as well as navigational aids. Via the Douglas Channel, one of the province's major fjords, the terminal connects to the Northwest Corridor, which links North America to the Pacific Ocean. From the outset of the project, the JFJV has given the highest priority to safety, the environment, and interests of local communities. Strict measures were implemented and respected throughout the project, particularly regarding wildlife protection. Awareness campaigns for all site staff have been put in place to avoid attracting bears to the facilities, including a waste management system that was monitored daily, and to prevent birds from settling in the temporary site facilities. During underwater pile driving, bubble curtains were used to limit noise propagation. In addition, project crews included marine mammal observers stationed at various distances from the work perimeter to ensure that construction did not interfere with the resident whale population. BVJV have also partnered with Ocean Wise to implement a whale watching program and reporting system in the Kitimat area, conducted by certified marine mammal observers.

Project details

Project name

LNG Canada


Quay Walls

Contract type

Design & Build


Kitimat, Canada



External partner(s)

Vancouver Pile Driving


JGC Fluor Joint Venture (JFJV)

Building Period

2019 - 2022

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