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The French Pavilion for the Dubai World Expo

Sector: Buildings

BESIX France has built the French Pavilion for the Dubai World Expo, an example of respect for the principles of bioclimatic architecture.

An example for an ambitious ecological transition

Designed by the architectural firms Atelier Perez Prado and Celnikier & Grabli Architects on the specific theme of "Lumière, Lumières" ("Light, Enlightment"), the French Pavilion reflects the commitment of the French Republic to be an actor of change for an ambitious ecological transition.

The French Pavilion is an example of respect for the principles of bioclimatic architecture. This is reflected, for example, in the choice of materials and a circular approach, considerably limiting the building's carbon footprint. One of the particularities of the Pavilion is its ability to be dismantled and reused.

The building will also be almost self-sufficient in energy during the six months of the World Expo, combining low energy equipment with renewable energy, produced by the 2,500 m² of solar tiles integrated into its façade.

For the construction of the building, BESIX France was able to count on the services of OTE Ingénierie and Six Construct, BESIX Group's Middle East subsidiary.

In addition to its eco-building qualities, the French Pavilion features various technical feats, including a spectacular 1,800 m² interior façade. Its panoramic terrace also offers a unique view of the Expo site.


BESIX is extremely proud to have contributed to the construction of the French Pavilion, a stunning building, both architecturally and environmentally. It will be a major landmark at the Dubai World Expo. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the stakeholders for their confidence, and in particular to the French Republic. The philosophy of the French Pavilion reflects a deep conviction of BESIX: if the construction sector is today a major cause of our collective carbon footprint, it also lies at the heart of the solution. This is why we have been developing cutting-edge expertise in circularity and the energy performance of buildings and infrastructures for several years. The French Pavilion itself carries these messages in a remarkable way.

Project details

Project name

The French Pavilion for the Dubai World Expo


Governmental, Cultural and Religious

Contract type

Design & Build


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


BESIX, BESIX France, Six Construct


Compagnie française des expositions (COFREX)

Building Period

2019 - 2021


Atelier Perez Prado, Celnikier & Grabli Architectes

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