Diversification plays a key role in maintaining the growth of an industrial group, enabling it to consolidate its positions in particular sectors or geographic markets, and to develop new business areas.

Consolidating our positions

Geographically, over the last few years, BESIX has grown on several continents, particularly in Australia and Africa. It has also entered Scandinavia and Canada for the first time. At sectoral level, the group has acquired a number of companies in Western Europe and Australia. In most cases, these acquisitions lie within our traditional business areas. This includes vertical integrations, that is to say the acquisition of skills that complement our existing service offering in a homogeneous way.

New business areas

Some acquisitions or equity investments are sectoral diversifications in the strict sense of the term, bringing new business categories into the Group's business portfolio. In BESIX's case, these are companies whose activities do not fit into one of the many construction sector areas, nor into those of Real Estate Development and Concessions & Assets.

Three recent participations by BESIX fall into this category: A-STAY, Flamant, LN24.


In March 2018, BESIX entered the capital of A-STAY, of which it holds 50%.

A-STAY offers a new concept of urban stays for expatriates, young people, business travellers and tourists. Using A-STAY technology, guests can, with a simple click on their smartphone or other connected device, precisely define their needs, from reservation to check-in, with the possibility of personalizing the room at the level of the made-to-measure services that the customer is willing to pay for. This high level of online customization allows A-STAY to offer keen pricing without compromising on quality. Modern technologies - artificial intelligence, voice commands and state-of-the-art home automation - are an integral part of every A-STAY building, from bedrooms to public areas.

Further information about A-STAY can be found at: www.a-stay.com.


Flamant, which BESIX acquired in May 2018, is a reputed Belgian company operating in the field of interior decoration. The company specializes in the design and sale of furniture, interior objects, lighting, upholstery, decorative items, paints, wallpapers and a variety of other products in various styles. The company runs six company-owned stores, five in Belgium and one in Paris. Its products are also available in more than 200 stores worldwide. Founded in 1978, Flamant has been a "Patented Supplier to the Court of Belgium" since 2007.

In October 2019, the Belgian brand unveiled its new logo and collection. After 41 years of existence, the brand synonymous with elegant and timeless interiors has adopted a resolutely contemporary branding. A new style, certainly, but based on what has always driven the creative process: to make every interior a warm home, thanks to 'a touch of Flamant'.

Further information about Flamant can be found at: www.flamant.com.


In October 2018, BESIX participated in the creation of “Les News 24” (LN24), Belgium's first continuous news channel. Created by reputed Belgian journalists and media experts, LN24 seeks to cover the economic and political news from a constructive angle. LN24 is available 24/7 on Belgian television and of course available worldwide on the web. 

Further information about LN24 can be found at: www.ln24.be.