Projet Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

Montevideo Tower

A brainteasing high-rise

Activité: Bâtiments

Ever since 2005, the Montevideo Tower in Rotterdam stands tall at 152 meters in this ‘Manhattan along the Maas’. The design was inspired by the skyscrapers in New York, which date back to the twenties and thirties of the last century. Diverse facilities allow this residential and office complex to cater to the needs of the modern urbanite. In order to correspond to the architectonic and user requirements, the tower was given a hybrid construction of steel and concrete: unique in the Netherlands. The building contains a logical stacking of constructive principles, with which an optimal design was attained. 

Détails du projet

Nom du projet

Montevideo Tower


Gratte-ciels, Résidentiel

Type de contrat



Rotterdam, Pays-Bas

Parties prenantes

BESIX Nederland


ING Vastgoed Ontwikkeling

Période de construction

2003 - 2005


Mecanoo Architecten

Valeur totale

€ 67.9 million(s)

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