Rail Baltica: BERERIX celebrates 3 years of construction with first roof arch installed

15 December 2023

At the beginning of December 2023, the BERERIX joint venture - involving BESIX, Rizzani de Eccher, and SIA RERE BŪVE - successfully installed the first arch for the roof structure of Riga Central Station. This achievement signifies a major step forward in this ambitious infrastructure project.

First arch installation

In the beginning of this month, the first arch structure was installed for Riga’s new central station, visually marking the highest point of the station at almost 30 metres. The installation of the arch paves the way for continued progress on the construction of the station’s roof structure. This structure will be made up of thousands of steel tubes, each one a three-dimensional filler grid interconnected by steel nodules. The elements are unique both because of their size and because of their intended location.

3 years of construction

Just days before the successful arch installation, BERERIX also reached another milestone: it was exactly three years ago that they started the construction of the Rail Baltica Riga Central Station project. The construction site of Rail Baltica Riga Central Station was opened at the end of November 2020. Since the start of the works, BERERIX and its client, Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas, have carried out extensive railway infrastructure construction works: complete construction of underground utilities for the new railway and city infrastructure, railway overpasses, as well as ongoing work on Riga Central Station and roof structures.

In addition to assembling the arch, several other milestones have been accomplished in the third year of construction. One of the highlights was the concreting of the 6,000 m² concourse slab on the third floor. Adjacent works on railway overpasses are also underway, with load-bearing structures being constructed for multiple overpasses across different locations. Meanwhile, final touches are being put on an overpass at street level near Riga International Bus Station to enable convenient underground access for customers in upcoming phases.

What brings 2024?

In 2024, work will continue on the southern side of the station: in the next phase of construction work and financing, BERERIX will start building the railway systems (track and catenary, signalling and utilities). Next year, construction on the new Rail Baltica railway bridge on the right bank of the Daugava will also start.

The station construction area is the largest and technically most complex part of the project. In 2024, the Riga Central Station area will continue roof construction, install escalators and lifts, commence the landscaping of the station area and already conduct several finishing works. Next year, the construction of the station's load-bearing structures, as well as the station's overpasses and platform structures, are planned to be completed.

Connecting the Baltics with the European railway network

The joint venture BERERIX is responsible for the design and construction of the Rail Baltica Central Station project. Central part is the Central Station building, an architectural marvel boasting a long-span steel structure with a vast glazed roof covering 2,100 m². Special attention has been paid to energy-efficient technologies, sustainable solutions and passenger comfort and safety. The station will have a total of eight platforms and 14 tracks, as well as waiting areas of about 6.500 m² with ticket offices, information boards and various services.

To connect the station with the other side of the Daugava River, the project also incorporates a railway bridge, designed to seamlessly blend with the city's architecture. Lastly, works include the installation of new rails and a new catenary system over a 2.5-kilometre distance within Riga.

The Riga Central Station project is part of the larger Rail Baltica project, which aims to integrate the Baltic States into the European rail network and enhance connectivity between the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, and Warsaw.