Project Frederikssund, Denmark

Crown Princess Mary bridge Roskilde

First project for BESIX in Denmark

BESIX and its partners, Rizzani de Eccher and Acciona Infraestructuras, has designed and built an 8.2 km four-lane highway, which includes a 1.4 km bridge over the Roskilde Fjord, the first cantilevered bridge built in Denmark since 1970. All stakeholders working on the project were actively involved in LEAN sessions, which contributed to complete works 3 months ahead of schedule. The highway and bridge cross an EU Natura 2000 zone: works were therefore subject to strict environmental requirements.

Scope of works

The project consisted of the construction of a new 4-lane dual carriageway over a distance of 8.2 km, linking Frederikssund and Skibbyvej. It also covered a 1.4 km tolled high bridge over the fjord and 11 smaller civil structures (bridges, ecoducts, cycle lane passages). The new crossing replaces a bascule bridge built in 1935 and its goal is to relieve severe traffic congestion.

Project execution with the surroundings in mind 

An important award criterion was the consideration of the environment surrounding the project. The Fjord of Roskilde is designated as a Natura 2000 area, as it is a habitat for sensitive vegetation (eelgrass) and an important refuge for waterfowls. The location of residential areas very near to the construction site and difficult access via waterways and roads posed additional challenges with regards to logistics, dust, noise and traffic management.

A royal inauguration for our first project in Denmark

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark opened her namesake bridge on 28 september 2019. Two days later, and three months ahead of schedule, the bridge opened to traffic. This civil engineering project is the first project for BESIX in Denmark. 

The in-house Engineering Department of BESIX makes the difference in Design & Build projects such as this one. It offers integrated expertise which enables us to coordinate the design and the execution in the best way possible, guaranteeing a surplus of added value for the client.

More information about this project in our Activity report 2017 (p92-97)

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Project details

Project name

Crown Princess Mary bridge Roskilde



Contract type

Design & Build


Frederikssund, Denmark



External partner(s)

Rizzani de Eccher - Acciona Infraestructuras


Vejdirektoratet (Danish Road Directorate)

Building Period

2016 - 2019

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