Project La Mé, Ivory coast

La Mé Drinking Water Treatment Plant

One of West Africa's largest drinking water treatment plants

For PFO Africa, BESIX has carried out the civil engineering works at the La Mé drinking water treatment plant. The project was designed to strengthen drinking water supply to the city of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

Work description

The plant, which is located on the road to Grand Alépé, a village 40 kilometres north of Abidjan, was designed to treat almost 240,000 m³ of water a day from the river La Mé, to improve drinking water provision to the region, and in particular to the city of Abidjan.

BESIX was in charge of earthmoving and special foundations, the entire civil engineering, roadworks and various networks at the plant itself and at the water intake sites.

This project represents real progress for the living conditions of the people of the Abidjan region faced with the problem of water provision.

Project details

Project name

La Mé Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Area(s) of expertise

Potable Water Plants, Water intake

Contract type



La Mé, Ivory coast



External partner(s)



PFO Africa

Building Period

2018 - 2021

Total value

€ 45 million

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