Project Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, The Netherlands

Mediavaert - DPG Media

One of the largest hybrid-timber office buildings in the world

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DPG Media, together with developer Being, has signed a contract with BESIX for the construction of Mediavaert, the media company's new hybrid-timber office building on the Van der Madeweg in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht. With more than 44,000 m², the building will be one of the largest hybrid-timber office buildings in the world.


Flexibility, healthy working conditions, innovation and creativity are Mediavaert's key priorities. The innovative timber construction and the sustainable aspects of the building are the main features of the design. Never before has a hybrid-timber office building of this size been built in Europe. This presents some challenges, but above all many advantages. Compared to traditional construction methods such as concrete, the production of timber generates significantly less CO2 and nitrogen. In addition, during their growth, trees absorb CO2, which remains stored in the material. This means that Mediavaert's timber construction limits additional emissions and has a potentially positive carbon balance. The building is highly energy efficient, including an underground thermal energy storage system combined with a heat pump and solar panels on the roof, and aims for BREEAM Excellent certification.

State-of-the-art facilities

Employees of Het Parool, Volkskrant, Trouw, Qmusic,, Tweakers, vtwonen, Libelle, HR and Marketing, among others, will be able to take full advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities in Mediavaert. In addition to work spaces, the building includes recording studios for Qmusic radio, meeting rooms, restaurants, an espresso bar and a pleasant reception room. The open design of the building is based on the interaction between the voids and the common spaces. Green spaces in, on and around the building create an inspiring working environment that promotes well-being and health.

Project details

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Mediavaert - DPG Media

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Design & Build


Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, The Netherlands




DPG Media

Building Period

2021 - 2024


Team V Architectuur, Arup, DGMR, DELVA Landscape Architecture & Urbanism

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