Project Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Qatra Water Solutions

An example of sustainable water management

Qatra Water Solutions was created to develop (design, finance, build) and then operate and maintain for 25 years the Al Saja'a wastewater treatment and purification facilities in the Emirate of Sharjah. The project is an example of sustainable management of water, a rare and strategic resource in the Middle East. Qatra is a joint venture between BESIX and Shurooq, the government authority in charge of investment and development in the Emirate.

Al Saja'a facilities

By 2022, the project will have doubled the wastewater treatment capacity of the Al Saja'a plant (60,000 m³) and built a purification plant to recycle the treated water. The operation and maintenance services for these installations are for their part subcontracted to Naqa'a, a company majority owned by BESIX. With its "complete asset life cycle", the project echoes those of Ajman Sewerage and Safi combined, in the Emirate of Ajman. It also confirms BESIX's strong reputation in this sector.

Circular economy & Sustainability

Water treatment and purification is a sustainable alternative to groundwater abstraction and desalination. For example, the Qatra treatment process consumes four times less energy than desalination. In addition to wastewater treatment, Qatra also produces high-quality water suitable for industrial or irrigation uses, as well as dewatered sludge. This sludge, once burnt, is an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of fossil fuels such as charcoal, for example by cement plants.

An educational tool

In addition to a research partnership with the University of Sharjah in the field of water, Qatra Water Solutions also hosts educational institutions. The objective is to explain to students the water cycle, from the recovery of wastewater to the sale of reclaimed water, and to raise awareness among youth about the sustainable management of this rare, strategic resource.


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Project details

Project name

Qatra Water Solutions

Area(s) of expertise

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Contract type

Design, Build, Finance & Maintenance


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates



External partner(s)



Emirate of Sharjah

Building Period

2020 - 2022

Maintenance period

25 years

Maintenance by

Naqa'a (BESIX / Shurooq)

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