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Quatuor Brussels

Real estate and environmental excellence!

BESIX is building the Quatuor Brussels real estate complex, in the North district, one of Brussels main business districts. The complex consists of four architecturally stunning towers, united by a huge inner garden. Offering 60,000 m² of offices, the buildings are designed to be passive and conform to the highest standards of quality, innovation and environmental performance. The real estate complex is aiming for BREEAM "Outstanding” certification.

Four similar-looking towers

The project consists of a stylish complex of rounded design, formed by four similar-looking towers of different heights, ranging from 5 to 18 storeys. Besides 60,000 m² of offices, Quatuor offers its occupants meeting rooms, a cultural center, restaurants and bars, co-working spaces, a gym and even a bank branch.
The parking areas have space for 300 bicycles and 314 cars underground. Thirty percent of the parking spaces are equipped for electric vehicles.

The construction of the complex required some delicate and complicated preliminary work including heavy structural demolition works - of the Noord building and its 40,000 m² of offices - the removal of foundations and even decontamination of soil.

Quality, Innovation, Environmental excellence

Quatuor Brussels is designed to the highest standards of quality, innovation and environmental performance. The towers are passive buildings, and are equipped with solar panels on the roofs and façades, rainwater recycling systems, high-end thermal insulation and geothermal heating and cooling systems. The complex will produce 30% of its energy on site. In addition, it utilizes a series of high-performance materials, strictly of European origin, to reduce the ecological footprint as far as possible.

The real estate complex was conceived to be certified BREEAM “Outstanding”, a certification which takes into account the entire lifecycle of the building, from construction to daily use, paying particular attention to the quality of life it offers its occupants.

Project details

Project name

Quatuor Brussels



Contract type



Brussels, Belgium





Building Period

2018 - 2020



Total value

€ 150 million

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