Project Sohar, Oman

Sohar Pumping Station

Doubling cooling water supply capacity

Next to the first seawater intake pumping station, Six Construct has built a new Seawater Intake and Pumping Station for Majis Industrial Services. Their combined pumping capacity ascends to a staggering 734,000 m³ per hour, on par with some of the largest cooling water intake and pumping systems in the Middle East. The Design and Build project was meant to meet the growing demand for cooling water from industrial tenants at Sohar Port.

Flexible attitude

Once the project was started, the client decided to increase the capacity of the pumping station from 280,000 m³/h to 400,000 m³/h and asked Six Construct to keep the same intermediate milestones and final completion date. The Six Construct team accepted the challenge with good will and great spirit. It immediately moved up a gear by simultaneously redesigning the station and putting in place an acceleration plan for the on-site team. Our entire workforce worked day and night, seven days a week to get the job done.

After 11 months and more than 32,000 m³ of concrete poured, the pumping station was ready to start installing screening stations. The first milestone was successfully achieved giving our client access to the first four pumping chambers.By 1 December 2015, we reached the second milestone, enabling our client to provide 22,000 m³/hour of screened and chlorinated water to its customers.

Cofferdam record

On a building level, the construction of one of the longest-ever cofferdams built by Six Construct in the region was a technical feat that was by no means risk-free. The erection and further removal was not easy due to the combination of hard layers of soil on the seabed and the proximity of the existing pumping station with pumps that were extremely sensitive to vibrations. Even minor vibrations would stop the existing station from being operational and would cause dramatic losses for our client.

To overcome this issue, Six Construct mobilized a highly skilled and experienced piling team and developed a method to remove sheet piles with minimal vibrations and disruptions, consisting of a water jetty on the sea bed prior to sheet pile drive and the use of Hyd. Ile Vibrator PVE 28M. In total, over 1,500 sheet piles were driven and removed without hindering the neighboring pumping station located only a few meters from our cofferdam.

Landmark success

The project was handed over to the client in 2016 and is now fully operational, supplying 400,000 m³/hour of filtered and chlorinated water to the new refinery built in Sohar port. Since the delivery, Majis has already sold 260,000 m³/hour of water to future crucial industries in Sohar port, such as the power plant, water plant and Liwa Plastics.

Our aim was to be able to immediately address any concern or suggestion of the client. This mindset led us to complete the project on-time, within budget and to the full satisfaction of all parties involved.

Project details

Project name

Sohar Pumping Station

Area(s) of expertise

Pumping Stations & Hydro-Electric Power Stations (Turbines)

Contract type

Design & Build


Sohar, Oman


BESIX, Six Construct


Majis Industrial Services S.A.O.C.

Building Period

2014 - 2015

Total value

€ 51.1 million



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