BESIX Forward

At the heart of our strategy

BESIX rests on solid foundations. In 25 countries and on 5 continents, we design, finance, develop, build and operate a wide variety of projects, including skyscrapers, marine infrastructure, waste recycling plants, water treatment plants, real estate projects, football stadiums, hydroelectric dams…

All of which makes us only more aware of the challenges we face. On the one hand are the challenges specific to our business: our ability to innovate, to maintain a high level of quality, to face the competition, to meet financial requirements, to diversify. On the other hand is the challenge imposed on us by our international reach, with a duty to support economic, social and environmental progress, and to improve the quality of life of people everywhere we invest.

It is by addressing these challenges day by day that we will maintain our relevance. Achieving this requires us to define a strategy. We have named it BESIX FORWARD.

This includes a purpose, that is, what we want to be and the changes we want to make to the world around us. It contains strategic drivers, intended to direct and accompany our evolution. And it is based on values.

BESIX has all the necessary assets, including scope, expertise and knowledge, to reach out boldly, seize new opportunities and attain new heights.


“Excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world”.

This purpose is our source of inspiration and motivation. Every word in our purpose holds value:

  • Excel: always strive to improve. We want to make a difference, stand out and achieve excellence.
  • Creating: we are more than “builders” and “developers”. We need to develop creativity and co-create with our customers, so as to be innovative, evolve and stay in the driver’s seat.
  • Sustainable: both financially and environmentally. While we need to make profit and plan for regular income sources for the future, we also want to assume social responsibility in a world of sharing and circular economies.
  • Solutions: customers are not looking for products or services, what they’re really wanting are solutions. To make sure our solutions meet their needs, we need to listen even better to our customers.
  • Better world: BESIX is keen to play a pivotal role in innovating to protect our planet’s shared resources. Given BESIX’s projects and its presence worldwide, our impact can be significant.

Strategic drivers

Our strategy is not a revolution, it’s an evolution. It’s about momentum, building on the great foundations we have in order to fulfill our purpose and outperform the competition. To incorporate this purpose into our actual business, and to live this purpose in all we do, we have defined 6 strategic drivers:

  1. Leveraging on our customer centricity: it is key for our business to really know our clients, understand their needs and satisfy them to achieve the desired results. Doing this better than our competitors will be a major differentiating aspect.
  2. Promoting a great place to work: our ability to provide a great employee experience in an open community of enthusiastic colleagues is a defining factor in our successes of tomorrow.
  3. Developing “one-stop-shop” solutions: the BESIX Group has unique capabilities and a multiservice offer, meaning we can provide solutions throughout the value chain, from “develop” to “operate and maintain”.
  4. Being a leader in innovation: It is in BESIX Group's culture to promote innovation. The Group develops multiple initiatives in this field. They aim to expose us to new ideas and technologies and in doing so, give us the opportunity to adopt them early.
  5. Synergizing our ways of working: this means ‘working light’ by simplifying and harmonizing our internal processes and communication. This can include common choices of tools, organizational formats and resource allocation across the Group.
  6. Promoting openness towards new ventures and business activities: BESIX Group has been known for decades for its entrepreneurial spirit. We need to continuously explore and to react positively to new opportunities.


To put these strategic drivers into practice, we will draw on the Group’s 5 core values:

  • Unity: as the proverb goes: “alone we are smart, together we are brilliant”. Despite the size of our company, there is an attitude where colleagues stand up for each other and are ready to lend an extra hand to help others succeed.
  • Passion: we are all passionate about our jobs.
  • Respect: respect is treating others as you want to be treated. Respect is all about attitude. It is vital to create an atmosphere of comfort and trust for everyone.
  • Co-creation: we need to demonstrate this every day, by pooling our minds and skills, and advancing forward.
  • Excellence: this takes us straight back to our corporate purpose and trademark: to always excel in what we do.