BESIX Recruitment Software Tool Consent

Thank you very much for showing interest in BESIX

By applying online at BESIX, you will be asked to submit some personal contact details together with your CV. The data that you are providing together with your application at BESIX via this website are subject to the following guidelines.

  • By submitting Your Information, you consent to the use of Your Information as set out in this BESIX Recruitment Software Tool Consent.
  •  BESIX respects data protection rules which regulate the capturing, processing and usage of personal data.
  • Your Information will only be shared within BESIX with the relevant departments, including the Human Resource Department and the person(s) within the department(s) who will analyze and ascertain your application and this for any recruitment purposes at BESIX. BESIX may use Your Information to contact you via e-mail, telephone, direct mail or other communication formats.
  • Your Information will only be used for internal application purposes and will not be linked with any other types of information or data bases nor will it be shared with external parties.
  • Your Information collected via our website will be stored on secure servers.

BESIX does not accept any liability whatsoever for the data you may enter in the Recruitment Software Tool.

By creating your account (and submitting Your Information) you hereby confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of the BESIX Recruitment Software Tool Consent and you consent to the use of Your Information by BESIX. If you do not accept, you may exit this site at any time.