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Brussels International Airport: new terminals and high-speed rail connection

Immediate boarding

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Over the past 25 years, Brussels Airport (Zaventem) gradually acquired a new terminal and additional piers, as well as the infrastructure for a brand new high-speed rail connection. BESIX oversaw each of these successive projects.

Air, rail and road

In the early 1990s, a new 7-storey terminal building joined the existing terminal, along with a 3-storey "Pier B" and a series of access bridges and roads. 20 metres below ground, a complete rail station was built to facilitate connections with the high-speed train network. In the process, BESIX built a 300-metre rail tunnel under the road infrastructure and another 400-metre tunnel beneath the runways, between the passenger terminal and the future Pier A.

New extension

At the start of the 2000s, BESIX built the new "Pier A" with three floors and 31 boarding gates, and connected to another new 5-storey infrastructure, also built by BESIX. Pier A is divided into 3 parts: a technical corridor, a luggage corridor and a public corridor with three passenger conveyor belts and 10 lifts.

Panoramic view

Passengers and visitors can take in the friendly skies even before boarding, thanks to three panoramic lifts that add to the airport's ten ordinary lifts.

Project details

Project name

Brussels International Airport: new terminals and high-speed rail connection

Area(s) of expertise


Contract type



Brussels, Belgium




Brussels International Airport Company

Building Period

1999 - 2002


Group 2000 (Bontinck, Jaspers, Montois, Van Campenhout, Willox)

Total value

€ 429 million

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