Project Anderlecht, Belgium

City Dox

Sector: Buildings

In May 2016, BESIX started the works for the multipurpose site City Dox in Brussels (Anderlecht), in joint venture with Jacques Delens. In their continuous quest to improve efficiency, the City Dox team implemented a Lean Management approach on site. A first for BESIX in Belgium.

A new impetus

City Dox in Anderlecht, alongside the Willebroek canal, is part of a sustainable urban development project and will give the polluted industrial site a new impetus. In the first phase approximately 30% of the 5.4 ha plot will be used for the construction of a nursing home with 180 beds, 71 service flats, 91 residential homes and an office complex.

More than planning

Lean Management eyes to involve all stakeholders: designers, planners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers,… The main goal is to fine-tune coordination of the works: a joint exercise in maximizing efficiency. We examine which activity will be the leading indicator for the delivery date and which resources and manpower we must use to accelerate that process. This creates a better understanding of the planning and directly involves each stakeholder. The scheduling phase is visualized by color-coded sticky notes. An efficient way to translate tasks, risks and progress into a visual workflow. The goal? To better meet clients’ needs by streamlining our building processes.

Project details

Project name

City Dox



Contract type



Anderlecht, Belgium


BESIX, Jacques Delens


Immobilière de la Petite Ile & Rest Island (Atenor)

Building Period

2016 - 2018


Architectes Assoc., ETAU Architects, JNC International, Art&Build

Total value

€ 40 million

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