Project Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Landmark on the Rotterdam Skyline

Sector: Buildings

The Maastoren is a sleek building with 2 towers, a 105 m low rise and a 165 m high rise. The façade of the High Rise changes color, in 23 steps, from anthracite at the base to white at the top.  A 2- floor high boardroom with a glass facade crowns the building.

Complex execution

At the foot of the tower there is a glass extension containing the cafeteria, restaurant and grand café. This whimsically shaped structure proved very complex to build. The entrance façade of the building features a 10 meter cantilevered canopy to catch the downwind and provide a safe passage to cyclists on the public road below.

Entire implementation

BESIX was responsible for the entire implementation, from the cofferdam and foundations in the Maas to the Deloitte installation package. The project got off to a difficult start owing, among other things, to unexpected soil conditions for the cofferdam and engineering problems with the prefabricated façade elements. Once these troubles had been sorted out, a tight pace of construction of 1 floor per week and later 3 floors every 2 weeks in the High Rise was maintained.

A particular challenge during the structural work was logistics management on a postage stamp-sized location.  It was vital for the trucks bringing in the prefabricated wall and floor elements to arrive on time.

Jean Polet
Deputy General Manager Construction Benelux-France

Project details

Project name



High Rise

Contract type

Design & Build


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


BESIX Nederland


OVG Projectontwikkeling

Building Period

2006 - 2009


Dam & Partners + Odile Decq Benoit Cornette Architectes Urbanistes

Total value

€ 84.4 million



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