Project Tangiers, Morocco

Tangier Med II

Expanding a key African port

Increased freight trade made it necessary to expand the Moroccan port of Tanger Med II. BESIX contributed to the construction of new berths and a 1,200-metre quay wall according to the latest CSR criteria and strict European parameters.

World-leading transport hub

Ever-increasing trade traffic prompted Mohammed VI, the King of Morocco, to choose to extend the Tangiers Mediterranean Harbour (Tangers MED II). The revamped port, which is the largest port in Africa, will make Tangers MED II one of the most cutting-edge cargo and transhipment hubs in the world. After completion, the port will be equipped to handle 8 million EVP containers, 7 million passengers, 2 million vehicles and 10 million metric tonnes of oil products annually. Following elaborate negotiations, the two-phase project was awarded to a consortium that included BESIX Somagec.

Risk management leadership

Environmental preservation was critical to this project, as the Tangiers area is home to a variety of flora and fauna that coexist with human inhabitants. Committed to following European Corporate Social Responsibility criteria, BESIX had to rigorously manage all land and marine works to limit potential impact on the environment, including air and water quality. A number of additional risk management criteria had to be met during the construction process, such as extensive safety training, diversity benchmarks and the signing of a strict code of conduct.

BESIX engineers came up with a block walling solution for the project using unreinforced concrete. This limits corrosion and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

Jacob Corneelsen
Business Aquisition Manager, BESIX

Eco-focussed policies

After dredging the basin and port access channel, new berthing structures and a 1,230-metre quay wall were designed by BESIX and constructed out of vibro-compacted sand and concrete blocks that were fabricated on-site. Throughout the project, BESIX and its partners implemented strict waste and operations management policies. Environmental impact of works was carefully evaluated, and construction dust controlled. Local personnel were employed whenever possible, and a waste treatment plant built for the BESIX team of over 2,500 people was given to the community upon works completion.

Project details

Project name

Tangier Med II

Area(s) of expertise

Quay Walls

Contract type

Design & Build


Tangiers, Morocco


Tanger Med Engineering (TME)

Building Period

2010 - 2014


Structural design: BESIX

Total value

€ 223 million

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