Feeling good @ BESIX

Remote work & satellite offices

We are moving away from working in fixed locations in favour of a more dynamic workplace. Not only will this promote an improved work-life balance, it will also enable BESIX to reduce pollution and traffic congestion, especially in Belgium. When permitted by the job, our employees can work at home or one of our many satellite offices across Belgium, instead of their fixed place of work. That way each employee can organize their work location to meet their individual needs.


The BESIX Young Community (BYC) is a platform enabling our young employees to communicate in a fun and informal setting. The 1st community for young employees in the Belgian construction industry aims to build ties among colleagues, increase the sense of community and develop and share knowledge of the Group’s countries of operation. The Community organizes various events inside and outside of Belgium. Our young representatives have also shown their enthusiasm in BESIX Foundation projects such as the Solidarity Days. BYC is a partner of the HSE Awards.

Company Sports Team

Our head office features an on-site fitness center to save you time and keep you fit. It gives you the opportunity to pump out your workout before, after or during your workday. If you prefer to exercise with a group, many of our employees take part in annual sport events like the 20k run through Brussels, the Climbing for Life cycling event, our in-house football tournament and more. For every event, teams train together before or after work to get into shape for the big day.

Our mobility program also encourages employees to seek alternative transportation to work, such as cycling. That way you can be more “green” while staying fit!


Our stylish company restaurant at the Brussels Head Office provides nutritious meals and snacks to keep you healthfully energized throughout the day. We selected Sodexo’s premium catering service *Origo, which uses seasonal ingredients, regionally sourced products and recyclable packaging. The catering service meets consumers’ growing demands in terms of sustainable development and fair trade.