Project Leiden, The Netherlands

Car Park Lammermarkt

The deepest car park of the Netherlands

Sector: Buildings

The construction of the deepest car park of the Netherlands took only two and a half years. A remarkable performance of Bouwcombinatie Parkeergarages Leiden (Dura Vermeer – BESIX), notably because of the challenging construction and dense logistics due to the location of the garage in the city of Leiden. 

The combination Parkeergarages Leiden Dura Vermeer – BESIX took great care in building this underground car park. The cylindrical car park, with its depth of 22.5 meter and its seven levels, is considered to be a masterpiece of the combination. The construction of such a deep car park in an inner city environment, was both a logistical and a technical challenge.

The deepest car park of the Netherlands has been constructed at a special site, as it accommodates Leiden's yearly fair. Therefor the roof of the car park must be able to support the weight of the fair rides. This requirement, in combination with the cylindrical shape, accounted for the main technical challenge.

The construction process itself was done in a fairly small space. In order to reduce hindrance during the construction period, a cylindrical shape was chosen. This shape also renders the car park more user-friendly. Drivers can descend by following the outer lane, thus passing by the available spots. The exit is easily reached via the inner lane. The car park can accommodate 525 cars.

Project details

Project name

Car Park Lammermarkt

Area(s) of expertise

Car Parks

Contract type



Leiden, The Netherlands


BESIX Nederland, Franki Grondtechnieken

External partner(s)

Dura Vermeer


City of Leiden

Building Period

2014 - 2017


JHK architects

Project Website

Leiden Lammermarkt


525 parking spaces


22 meters depth


  • Betonprijs 2017
  • Public Choice Award RAP2017 (Rijnlandse Architectuurprijs 2017)

entree lammermarkt interieur
entree lammermarkt interieur

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