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Eye-catcher along the water

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BESIX develops the project Sluishuis, a new landmark in the emerging neighborhood of Ijburg, Amsterdam, in combination with VORM. The design is by BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group – and Barcode Architects from Rotterdam. The project has a surface of 46,000 m² and offers 442 residences. Sluishuis will be a zero energy building integrating state-of-the-art environmental techniques. 

Striking Sluishuis

Located between the dense city and the vast landscapes on the edge of Amsterdam, the new Sluishuis is shaped by its complex surroundings at once close to large infrastructure and to small‐scale urban settlements. The classical courtyard building is revitalized by two transformations; it fully embraces the idea of living on the water and appears different from every vantage point. Toward the water the block is lifted up, forming a large opening that brings water from the Ij Lake into the courtyard and brings daylight and views to the complex’s inner apartments. Toward the neighbouring urban district the block steps down like a cascade of landscaped terraces, creating a natural transition from cityscape to smaller scale, natural surroundings. Completely built on water, Sluishuis features 442 energy-neutral residences, a two-story underground car park below sea-level, houseboats lots, berths for pleasure crafts and commercial areas. 

Sustainability is key 

The Sluishuis design boasts ambitious sustainability parameters. Various initiatives and techniques have been integrated in order to make Sluishuis a zero-energy building that performs -0,01 in terms of Energy Performance, generating more energy than it will actually use. Next to sustainable building materials, the project features:

  • solar panels installed on the roof and one of the islands

  • ground-coupled heat exchangers

  • triple-glazed windows

  • user-dependent space heating

  • balanced ventilation

  • a heat recovery system connected to the showers’

For BESIX, Sluishuis is a perfect addition to further support our growth in the Netherlands, specifically in Amsterdam and adjacent urban areas. It is a comprehensive and ambitious project and our international development and construction experience will contribute to its success. We are proud to develop this iconic building with our partners at VORM.

Jeroen Philtjens
Managing Director of BESIX Nederland

Project details

Project name




Contract type

Design, Build & Finance


Amsterdam, The Netherlands



External partner(s)



City of Amsterdam 

Building Period

2017 - 2020


Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Barcode Architects

Project Website

Total value

€ 70 million


380 low-energy apartments, 4,000 m² of commercial and/or common space


46,000 m²

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