Project Almere, The Netherlands

A6 Almere

Easy drive to Floriade in Almere along refurbished A6

Floriade, a major world horticultural exhibition, is held in the Netherlands every 10 years. The next edition will take place in Almere in 2022. However, the A6, the main access road to the city, is threatening to become a bottleneck for the 20,000 daily visitors. And irrespective of Floriade, the growing North Holland Randstad is putting more and more pressure on the outdated traffic axis. In addition, the motorway is crucial for the flow of all traffic between Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and Almere.

Our solution

Rijkswaterstaat – the executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment – has entrusted BESIX with widening the A6. We managed to win the project by submitting an exhaustive quality plan, which describes the impact on the local residents and surrounding nature in great detail.

BESIX is responsible for the design, construction, financing and maintenance of the A6. The works started in 2017, and apart from the widening of the road from two to four lanes, also include the renovation of interchanges, bridges and viaducts. Our plan will increase the capacity of the highway and improve the flow of traffic to and from Almere.

BESIX has joined forces with Dura Vermeer, RebelValley and John Laing Investments Limited. The consortium is responsible for:

  • the design of the new, wider A6;
  • the renovation of the existing road, widening by two additional lanes in each direction, and revamping of the surrounding infrastructure;
  • attracting and monitoring financing;
  • maintenance for 20 years after project completion.

An absolute priority for this busy traffic axis is to limit inconvenience during the works. To do that, we will first renovate the existing lanes, which can then be used to maximum capacity during the construction of the additional lanes. Some of the work will be done at night to minimize traffic disruption.

When it comes to safety – for both our workers and road users – we leave nothing to chance. For instance, we shield the work areas along the motorway with concrete barriers and we repeatedly urge passing traffic to abide by the speed limit.

Result and realisations

BESIX managed to win the support of the city of Almere and local residents by inviting them to the discussions and fostering their active involvement in the project. We translated their input into practical actions: we will be using noise-reducing asphalt for the busiest segments of the broadened motorway, for instance.

In addition, the works are performed with respect for the surrounding nature: we never fell more trees than strictly necessary and always keep in mind the wildlife that lives there. This ensures the liveability of the area, not only for the inhabitants of the city, but also for the local fauna and flora.

Ground was broken in 2017. Together with our partners, we are doing everything we can to make sure the project will be completed in time, and allow Floriade 2022 to be a model of smooth logistics. 

Project details

Project name

A6 Almere


Road works, Transportation

Contract type

Design, Build, Finance & Maintenance


Almere, The Netherlands


BESIX Nederland



Building Period

2017 - 2022

Maintenance period

2022 - 2042

Maintenance by

BESIX Concessions & Assets

Total value

€ 232 million

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