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BESIX Group and Luštica Development AD Company have signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding to enter into a joint venture to develop and construct the Chedi Luštica Bay Montenegro hotel and a number of residential blocks. BESIX is the main contractor for the construction of the existing residential part of Luštica Bay, the integrated tourist town that has been developing on the Tivat part of Luštica peninsula.

 A turnaround year with foundations laid for future growth

BESIX is investing in the continued growth of its home market with the acquisition of all shares of the four major Belgian activities of Heijmans NV, a construction company listed on the Dutch stock market. BESIX NV and Heijmans NV reached agreement on this on 7 February.

Midmac-Six Construct joint venture regrets to report that on Thursday 19 January a worker from one of its subcontractors got fatally injured while working at the Khalifa Stadium site.

BESIX is a quality concept in the world of construction.

Founded in 1909, the company has experienced a regular and impressive growth to become the renowned international it is today.

BESIX covers practically all the fields in construction.