Project Management

We carry through, always looking for solutions

At BESIX it is our mission to create added value by meeting and exceeding quality requirements within planning and budget. Dedicated project managers on site play a vital part in our aspirations. Supervisor, negotiator, trouble-shooter… As seasoned experts, they take the lead in planning and coordinating all technical, administrative and financial issues. Enriched by insights and skills obtained from many international experiences, a BESIX project manager brings exceptional expertise to the table: from pouring concrete in extreme weather conditions to setting up a water treatment plant in a remote and fragile area. This know-how is exchanged first-hand between on and off site professionals, allowing for swift problem solving.


Integrated safety management is key in ensuring people’s well-being.


We mobilise staff as such that we can handle adversities, guaranteeing the timely delivery of every project.


Both generalist and specialized project engineers thoroughly study every aspect.


Our own auditors are first to screen all procedures and inspect constructions in accordance with contract specifications.


We proactively take measures to resolve complex situations and adjust plans and priorities to respond to changing circumstances.


Resourceful value engineering ensures cost optimization.


Every important decision is discussed with the client and all stakeholders are involved in the process: client’s advisors and consultants, local authorities, technical controllers and residents.