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Hospital Complex Neuilly-sur-Seine

A high-end medical facility built in a tight spot in Paris

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The Neuilly-Sur-Seine hospital complex is one of the largest in the eponymous Paris Suburb. The construction site, however, was far from large as it lies in the middle of a very densely populated urban area. BESIX has put all its expertise to work to deliver a top-notch facility. A challenging puzzle where safety, flexibility and an unusual building method were key building blocks for success.

The largest hospital complex in Neuilly-sur-Seine

At 28,000 m², the private hospital of Ambroise Paré, Pierre Cherest and Hartmann medical and surgery centres is the largest hospital complex in Neuilly-sur-Seine. The project reflects the desire of the hospital group to combine the three institutions' services on one site.

The construction site involved two new buildings, including ground and five upper floors, and two basement levels with 451 parking spaces. The hospital provides 387 beds and outpatient armchairs, 34 operating theatres and 7 radiology rooms. It also covers a broad spectrum of medical and surgical specialties.

Building top-down enabled us to significantly reduce the construction time on the project and maximise space on the constrained construction site.

BESIX expertise: a top-down construction

The project's geographical location in the municipalities of Neuilly-sur-Seine and Levallois-Perret has required the team to organise its building methods and site supply system to reflect the constraints of a very residential environment.

BESIX has therefore adopted the top-down or “stross” construction method, instead of the traditional bottom-up method. The technique consists of excavating and constructing the lower levels underneath the ground-level slab with the help of supported structures, instead of working in an open construction pit where sub-structure and super-structure floors are constructed sequentially from the lowest level to the top of the building.

Building top-down enabled the team to use part of the ground floor slab of the future building as a logistic platform to supply the two tower cranes that did not have direct access to the road with construction materials. This reduced significantly the construction time on the project. Moreover, it maximised space on the constrained Neuilly-sur-Seine construction site.

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Hospital Complex Neuilly-sur-Seine

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Paris, France


BESIX France



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2018 - 2022