Project Putte and Ossendrecht, The Netherlands

WWTP Putte and Ossendrecht

First Best Value Project (BVP) in the Netherlands

The two sewage treatment plants in Putte & Ossendrecht dated back to the 1970s. Changing standards and concerns made it high time to renew them. The renovation project by BESIX Nederland working in tandem with BESIX Sanotec also became an extension project, with a 30% increase in sewage processing capacity.

Best Value Project (BVP) 

The two sewage plants were the first Best Value Project (BVP) for BESIX in the Netherlands. As the contractor in a BVP you are more ‘in the lead’ than elsewhere, including involving the client and the operator in the design and construction process. This gives you a a lot of freedom in your design work. You start with a set of functional specifications from the client and, providing you meet the project objectives, there is no limit to your creativity.

On time, within budget and with less energy consumption

After one and a half years' work, BESIX Nederland delivered the site in November 2015, two months ahead of contractual delivery date. BESIX also has responsibility for maintenance for the first two years. After the measurement year, not only had the energy consumption after the plant expansion not increased, it had even reduced by 15 to 20%. A superb success story!

The Best Value Project (BVP) approach took some getting used to at the start. In fact, it came down to proving that this is an area in which we are at home, and I have every reason to believe that we succeeded in this.

Johan De Cat
Project Manager BESIX Nederland 

Project details

Project name

WWTP Putte and Ossendrecht


Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

Contract type

Design & Build


Putte and Ossendrecht, The Netherlands


BESIX Nederland


Waterschap Brabantse Delta

Building Period

2014 - 2015



Total value

€ 4.09 million

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